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Escaping The Chains of Debt: Recap

We express our gratitude to all who participated in last week’s community discussion. We had some valuable ideas and approaches discussed, and we are excited to see more members achieve the goal of becoming debt-free in 2024!



Last week at the Beartaria Times Community App, we asked our members about getting out of debt. This sparked many to chime in with their own posts and start conversations in the comments section.

One member started the conversation by explaining how the different members of their household were all holding onto personal debt and not hiding it but not sharing the responsibility. They explained how, when it came to light, they all devised a plan to get each person out of debt together and how they could all make specific changes to get out of debt together.

Some of their recommendations focused on not always getting to eat the food they want but eating what they have or making sacrifices to their grocery list to meet the budget.

“We are eating from our pantry. We are using old emergency food storage. We are even using some of our old emergency food storage grains for our animals. They are loving it. It is working out.”

Another member gave a list of ways they see as the best practices for getting out of debt. Some of these include:

  • The main sources of high-interest debt that I’ve seen are student loans, car loans, and credit cards. Make a spreadsheet with your debt balances in one column and the APR in the second column. Make the third column the product of the first two. This will roughly give you the annual cost of each debt. You’ll form your plan of attack based on this.
  • It’s beating a dead horse but make a budget. Can be paper, but spreadsheets or other electronic solutions would be much better. Include cash! Log cash transactions as well as electronic so you get a full picture of an average month. Really dive in for at least 2-3 months on this to capture everything. Eliminate what you don’t need.
  • Deep dive your grocery bill. Figure out what categories you’re spending the most on. Consider buying those things in bulk from somewhere like Azure Standard. Often you can save quite a bit this way, and even get a better quality product for cheaper! You can make your own bread from their flour for about 1/3 of the store bread cost.

Lastly, another member shared how they could purchase land and build a home without debt. Although they are not entirely debt-free, they believe mortgages to be the most complex debt to get out of but mention that it isn’t impossible. They mention Dave Ramsey, a well-known anti-debt radio host who has helped countless people escape the chains of debt through his effective program that this member notes has detractors, as just about any plan or method in life will.

“…the program is all about living within your means, spending only cash, and only treating yourself when and if you’ve truly earned it. If you’re still in debt, you haven’t earned it.”

We express our gratitude to all who participated in last week’s community discussion. We had some valuable ideas and approaches discussed, and we are excited to see more members achieve the goal of becoming debt-free in 2024!

Read everything our members had to say at with some users posting under the hashtag #debtfree23.

Join our growing community and get in on the next conversation at or search Beartaria Times wherever you get your apps.


National Festival Speaker Line-Up Announced!

Who to expect Live in Missouri at The Beartaria Times National Festival Conference?



Beartaria Times Event Management has announced this years speaker line-up and it’s looking like a great conference!

Who to expect Live in Missouri at The Beartaria Times National Festival Conference?

Tom Barnett

Tom Barnett is a holistic health practitioner and mindset coach, covering diverse topics from law, culture and sociology to human health and spirituality.

Many people from all walks of life have found value in Tom’s relaxed and calm demeanor while getting right to the point, providing valuable, stable content that will remain applicable for life. 

In these times, Tom’s value has been truly appreciated for his consistent ability to ground people in what matters.


Bradley Stone

Bradley Stone was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. At 21 he started his first business – a direct marketing firm representing the Texas Rangers. After having a ton of success with the Rangers, he created the opportunity for himself to move to California at 22 to open another direct sales office representing the LA Angels of Anaheim and the LA Dodgers. By the time Bradley was 29 he had opened 30 offices nationwide with 500 employees working with clients like the MLB, NHL, AT&T, Verizon and many others. In his 7 years in California, Bradley’s organization generated $40M in revenue. His business also led him to meet his wife, who changed the way he looked at business and life. 

In 2019 Bradley exited his direct sales company and moved back to Dallas to be close to his family and start one of his own. 

He is currently working as a small business consultant at Paychex, Inc. and owns his own consulting company. His company helps all types of businesses whether they are just starting out or preparing to sell their business in an acquisition. He advises and guides small businesses and individuals on increasing their sales, improving their techniques and strategies, and building stronger customer relationships.

Bradley currently lives in a small town outside of Dallas with his wife and 2 young children. He and his wife plan to homeschool their children in order spend as much time as possible with them as they grow. Thankfully, his business allows him to do just that.

The Juice Boss

As a wellness visionary, feel-good junkie and relentless seeker of truth, Nick has successfully forged his greatest passions to create a new category and thriving brand.
Nick takes a biohacker & shaman-like approach to diet, lifestyle and mindset. He obsesses on quality of ingredients & living a vibrant, purposeful life. Paired with his endless pursuit of knowing “what’s next” and “what delivers real results” he provides his clients with unique access to products & programs that allow the body to do what’s it’s designed to do- heal.

Inspired by an array of censored thought leaders, self-improvement gurus and ancient healers, Nick has grown to appreciate the opportunity in every challenge as he follows divine signs & intuition to guide the future of his business, family, and everything in-between.
As a dedicated practitioner of radical honesty and self-experimentation, his ideas, opinions and intentions are rarely misperceived.

Mr. Permie Bear

Adam Stevens aka Mr. Permie Bear does about everything that strikes his fancy, many of those things all at the same time. He is a former stock broker, having specialized in international securities and day trader services.

After his trading days were done, he began a career in banking and eventually became a commercial lender before he retired from finance as a whole. He is a graduate of the Oregon Banker’s Association Executive Development Program. He left finance to pursue a life closer to the land and things that matter, such as raising children. He is a Certified Permaculture Designer, dairyman, vegetable farmer, construction worker, consultant, seed salesman, occasional sawyer, and aspiring jack-of-every-possible-trade-under-the-sun.

He is the Founder of Legends Repair and Remodel and co-founder of Grateful Harvest Seed Company. He and his wife also operate Piney Creek Farm in the Missouri Ozarks. He dreams of creating a place where people can learn about and interact with permaculture and regenerative farming systems of all kinds and then use what they learn to create a more resilient and fulfilling life on whatever scale makes sense to them.

Christopher Gardner

Topher Gardner is a professional sculptor of curved ferro-cement buildings and the human body. His chiral phenomenology has led him into the Permaculture world where the BioDynamic principles of Rudolf Steiner predominate.

Making deep black soil with the carbon amendment of BioChar, which is pyrolised carbon, gives the ground the correct substrate for beneficial micro-organisms. His goal is to appropriately signal the Natural World as to induce a higher quality life.

Owen Benjamin

Owen Benjamin was born to John Kares Smith and Jean Troy-Smith, both professors at State University of New York at Oswego. He attended college at the State University of New York at Plattsburgh where he started performing standup comedy and also got his start in television at the student run station Plattsburgh State Television. Owen also studied history in the Czech Republic with a focus in tyrannical governments.

Owen Benjamin became known in Hollywood for various movie appearances, announcing for major award shows and having multiple main stream comedy specials. He became massively popular for never pulling punches on social media, exposing the industry for being a tool of social conditioning and shameless hypocrisy. Never letting social status or money get in the way of what needed to be said (and what many people quietly agreed with), Owen prioritized truth and comedy above all. 

Owen was one of the only established comedians to speak out against agendas to normalize child abuse with hormone altering drugs and sexual exploitation in 2016. Fighting this agenda publicly resulted in his exile from Hollywood.

Owen Benjamin doubled down on truth and refused to compromise or take the path of manipulative money & accolades (also called “lollipops & fancy pants”). As a result, his audience grew rapidly and his live streams began pulling more views than main stream news outlets, rolling out hours of hilarious content daily. Having this level of reach and influence without giving into the manipulations to push agendas or avoid topics made Owen became a major target for deplatforming from various services involved in the attempted social conditioning of the public. 

As Owen Benjamin sought to find solutions in an atmosphere that hyper-focused only on problems, he found that taking responsibility, being self sustainable, and self reliant as the right path forward. As a result, he became one of the biggest advocates for people homesteading and growing their own food wherever they are, even if it starts with a seed on a city balcony. 

Owen Benjamin began to thoroughly understand the criminal nature and mechanisms used to actively discriminate and slander both him and his audience. By not bending to the social agendas of the perverted and destructive news media, his path forward was to build his own platforms and services where he can be free to speak his mind and connect with others who want to be a part of the good, the true and the beautiful. 

Owen Benjamin is the Founder of Beartaria and related projects that has now built a life of its own and spear heads the movement to self reliance and independence through responsibility and self reliance. He lives a beautiful life with his wife Amy and his four children, Walter, Charlie, Jack and Fredrick.

This years speaker line up is looking amazing!

Tickets will only be available for 3 more weeks! Make sure to pick them up before sales close down!

Ticket sales close August 4th.

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This Week On The Beartaria Times App: Escaping The Chains of Debt

We love seeing our community thriving and know that all those beautiful homesteads and lifestyles have a backbone of challenges conquered and struggles faced.



This week on the Beartaria Times app, the theme is “escaping the chains of debt.”

On Wednesday, the 20th of December, at 6 pm PST, we encourage our community to share their stories and methods for getting out of debt and managing debt.

We’d love to see our community come together from all different angles and experiences on this topic — from intention, mindset, and motivation to the nitty-gritty details. Sharing your stories and experiences can help others in our community.

At The Beartaria Times, this theme holds significant importance for us. We recognize that unmanaged debt can burden individuals, making them feel trapped. Understanding this predicament can empower people to grow and thrive.

We love seeing our community thriving and know that all those beautiful homesteads and lifestyles have a backbone of challenges conquered and struggles faced.

As we delve into this topic, we invite participants to not only discuss success stories but also share the hurdles they encountered along the way. Whether it’s navigating unexpected expenses or discovering effective budgeting techniques, your insights contribute to the collective wisdom of our community.

Furthermore, this initiative aims to foster a supportive environment where individuals can exchange practical tips, tools, and resources. From budgeting apps to debt consolidation strategies, let’s empower each other in the journey toward financial well-being.

The Beartaria Times values the resilience of our community members. Your openness in discussing financial challenges helps break the stigma surrounding debt, reinforcing that it’s a shared experience.

Together, let’s turn this theme into a catalyst for positive change, lifting each other up as we navigate the path to financial freedom within the Beartaria community.

We hope to see you there!


-The Beartaria Times

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The Beartaria Times Community App introduces Weekly Community Activities.

This Wednesday at 6 pm PDT, we will host a Community App Activity similar to the reintroduction campaign we launched a couple months ago.



Here at The Beartaria Times, we have been busy recalibrating since our Second Annual Beartaria Times National Festival. It has been a labor of love, and we were so happy to see you all there. We know we have been quiet in other aspects of the community, but we have been preparing behind the scenes to be more active on our website,, and to encourage community dialogue on our community app.

This Wednesday at 6 pm PDT, we will host a Community App Activity similar to the reintroduction campaign we launched a couple months ago. This time we will be asking all app users to join the discussion and let us know, “What are you most grateful for this week?”

This will mark the beginning of what we hope will be a weekly activity of prompts from the Beartaria Times Official account to provoke thought and encourage engagement with each other on the app. Along with community wide questions like we have this week we will also have activities focused on specific groups in the app along with prompts to encourage a “Fruitful Focus” on things that highlight the good, true and beautiful.


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