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Our Magazine Team Releases Details On Issue #3 Of The Beartaria Times Magazine

Early this week our magazine team released information on the third issue of our magazine.



Early this week our magazine team released information on the third issue of our magazine. As our magazine content is sourced from our community to share information, stories and resources, our team also made a call for anyone that wants to participate in the third issue of our magazine.

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You will find their post below,

“Hey Legends,

As we finish sending out our second magazine, we are starting to plan our third issue.

We have learned a great deal with the first two and continue to progress, adapt, and recalibrate as we move forward.

We are still striving for most of the content to be resource-based, with tutorials, how-tos, and instructional articles. Beartaria Times has always been at its core, where we can learn from and support each other in various endeavors. Sharing information and talents in our diverse fields of expertise can be just what someone needs to gain the confidence to get started themself or take things to the next level.

The next issue will be called “The Fruits of our Labor.” This theme continues to grow from our first two, “Origins” and “Planting Seeds.”

We covered where we started and what we have done to get to where we are. Now it is time to share some of the accomplishments and bounties we are beginning to reap from planting those seeds.

Are you harvesting the fruits from the work you put into your physical and metaphorical gardens? Did you build relationships locally to strengthen your local tribe and grow your wealth of community? Have the skills you have learned recently or not so recently paid off in ways you can share to inspire others?

Comment below if you want to be involved, what you want to write, or what you want to see in this next issue. We would love to see content that is resource based that also tells a personal story of perseverance and triumph. We are always open to new ideas. Let’s get the discussion on our third issue started.

*Featured image is a place holder for our next cover not yet released.*”

We are so happy to see people enjoying our magazine and sharing it with others. If you would like to contribute, the best way is to reach out to @Magazine Team on our community app. Showcasing your skills, knowledge and experience on our app is a great way to get noticed. Let us know what you would like to see in our third issue and we will do our best to make it happen!

Until next times,

Keep crushing!


-The Beartaria Times


Just Crushing

Our Magazine Team Releases Details On Issue #4 Of The Beartaria Times Magazine

Available Now for Pre-Order and will remain open through Friday, March 17.



We are excited to share information on the next magazine issue! Issue #4, titled “Thriving the Winter – Beyond Survival,” brings together valuable information and exciting stories from legends across the realm.

We get a story of the value of our community and what that can bring you from as far away as the wonderful Wobbly Bear in the land of New Zealand. TexMex Bear and Wordsmith Bear bring us life lessons they have learned over the last few years.

We have several valuable resources in this issue from valuable community members, such as Cinnamom Bear with some remedies for seasonal ailments and another helpful instructional from Knitting Mama Bear. In addition, Mr. Permie Bear shares useful information to help start your gardens this year. WildMedBear, Prairie Fire Bear, and Woodworking Gunny Bear also add their expertise to this issue with incredible resources.

Homesteaders like Mohawk Farmer Bear, PA Snowboarder Bear, and Pie Lady Bear give us insights into self-sufficiency and how they maintain their homesteads. Volgadeutsch Bear and several more also add their wisdom and experience to this practical section.

There are many more articles to find inside this latest issue, with many returning contributors and several first-time writers.

Pre-Orders will remain open through Friday, March 17. Click here to get yours now!

We also still have plenty of Issue #3, “Fruits of our Labor, Intentions Materialized,” For Sale Here.

We are excited to send out issue #4! And appreciate all the support for these magazines!


-The Beartaria Times

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Just Crushing

Bees Know Best

Bees are truly a marvelous part of God’s creation and one I draw inspiration from daily as I begin the journey of tending to their homes and lives.



By: Pie Lady Bear

I will often sit and watch them. The importance of their continuous coming and going is apparent even at a distance. Bees are truly a marvelous part of God’s creation and one I draw inspiration from daily as I begin the journey of tending to their homes and lives.

The substances that a hive uses to sustain and thrive are ones that we can also greatly benefit from, and, as the winter weather sets in and lips become chapped, were the illumination behind an impromptu batch of lip balm that you may also find useful!

Beeswax; If you can find it from a local beekeeper, who has taken it from a brace comb that is built in awkward places or melted down frames that are no longer in use, the benefit is the added propolis which is a glue-like material made by the bees from tree resins to seal cracks in their hive and contains exceptional healing properties as well as smelling incredible. My husband, DreadNaught Bear, has been making healing salves with beeswax, pine resin, and sunflower oil long before I began keeping bees. You can find his recipe in the second issue of the Beartaria Times Magazine to cure all that ails you! Beeswax can also be found at a local health food store or taken from pure beeswax candles.

Coconut oil; I prefer organic and use it in my cooking as well, so it’s worth buying a jar.

Peppermint oil; I only added three drops for the small glass jar of lip balm as using more would cause a slight burning sensation and takes away from the amazing smell of the beeswax.

I made my lip balm in a small jar that is placed in a pot on the stove with about an inch of water surrounding it and a covered lid. Turn on low heat and frequently check until the wax and coconut oil have melted, then add the few drops of peppermint oil, stir and allow to cool. That’s it! So simple, and depending on the amount you would like to make or the size of your container, I went with a ratio of 2:1 coconut oil to wax, and that made for a smoother consistency. God Bless the Bears as we strive to focus our lives around the good, the true, and the beautiful 🤎


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Just Crushing

“Building Beartaria Part Three: The Ozark Legacy,” Out NOW!



Unbearables Media and Filmgrain Studios come together again for the 3rd documentary in the series, Building Beartaria, covering the members of our Ozarks community that built a company and helped give manpower to The Beartaria Times National Festival.

When I first heard that Director Bear was going to be documenting the Beartaria Times National Festival, I reached out immediately to volunteer. I never expected that would lead to editing the documentary in a shipping container on Adam’s land a couple of months later. Editing the doc was a whirlwind,  I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Red Panda Bear
Ozark BUILDER Buddy and Video Professional

This installment not only covers the first-ever, three-day festival hosted by The Beartaria Times but truly gets to the heart of a community of bears that have come together in one of the most inspirational ways we have seen yet.

“The opportunity to work with the team on this documentary was amazing. I had a chance to take the raw emotion of the stories of the community and add to the emotion with music. I experimented with many different genres of music to match the wide variety of emotions and personalities that were captured in the documentary. I wanted the audiences to resonate more with these epic stories from the bears that gathered”

Anchor Bear
Beartarian musician and Documentary Composer

The documentary is an hour and 51 minutes of unclipped material.
While the documentary is mostly clean, this original release is not child friendly as some topics are inappropriate for children.
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