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Welcome to The Beartaria Times Website! is provided by The Beartaria Times, LLC as an effort to bring value to those that are unified in safeguarding their morality and moving forward through their lives for greater prosperity.

To contact us for general questions please email,

The Beartaria Times ( is a community sourced media website. We plan to bring the latest and most relevant news of Beartaria to The Legends of Beartaria.

Beartaria is an idea that a nation starts with our own actions and our own production, then accumulates with our families, our neighbors and our communities. The Legends of Beartaria may refer to the decentralized cohesion of those with the highest moral intellect and dignified attributes in life.

The Legends of Beartaria may also refer to those that have participated in, or contribute to and other Beartaria projects and/or campaigns created by Owen Benjamin Inc. and official partners.

All is welcome to experience the content on this website in agreement to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use.

This is not your average website..


You will notice some things very different about this media site and here you may find the answers that explain those nuances.


We use aliases to protect our writers and contributors from harassment, threats and other things that may come with not being a victim or submissive to media monopolies.

We have noticed that quality guidance may startle and upset those that wish to control those with little guidance. It is for this reason that The Beartaria Times will utilize aliases that have been requested or previously established in a wider cultural setting.


We plan to keep our coverage exclusive.

We will be sharing news, stories, information and instructive content that is sourced from our community for our community. Our audience, contributors and supporters matter more to us than the rest of the world. We want to help our community grow, literally from the soil and in all aspect of life.


Writers for The Beartaria Times ( may be employees of The Beartaria Times, LLC, contractors or people that submit works to be shared for publicity or general contribution.

While we plan to keep full cohesion with writers and contributors there may be times that writers contribute things that The Beartaria Times, LLC does not necessarily agree with.

Articles and media shared on this website are not representations of the views or opinions of The Beartaria Times, LLC. We may prefer various types of goats or chickens.

Satire and Comedy

We want to laugh and have a good time.

It seems as if the standard business model for news these days is to inject people with fear in an effort to exploit emotion. It is for this reason that The Beartaria Times may only cover subjects outside of our cultural mission in a satirical or comical way.

There is a lot to laugh at and no one is having more fun that us.

How to Contribute

If you would like to submit works whether it is articles or other media please send an email to the corresponding email that matches the category in which your content would fit.

The content should be in completed form, edited articles or completed videos/media.

If your content is accepted to be shared on you will receive confirmation that we will share your content. We will then ask if you would like any social links shared so people can reach out to you. You can read more on our Submit Works page.

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