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Would you like to gain exposure in a solid thriving community that supports eachother?

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The Beartaria Times allows people to submit content like articles and videos to be shared on our website.

While we can not guarantee that your content will be shared, we will do our best to review your content and share it if it fits our culture here at The Beartaria Times. You may even be featured on our home page and shared across our social channels!

How to submit content

If you would like to submit content, please send an email to,

Your content will be reviewed by an editor and if it is a good fit for our website we would love to share it.

Types of content

You can submit all types of content. Articles can be stories, lists, creative writing and how ever you feel inspired to share something beneficial that may interest readers. You should try to pick a title for your article that best grabs the attention of the people that you would like to share it with.

Videos can be submitted by links from a secure video hosting platform and should be under 5 minutes, preferably under 3 minutes. We may change the time restriction depending on value. The videos have to be your own videos.

Original photographs with your articles would be great. We can also showcase photographs and artwork with various forms of writing to accompany them.



Any farming related topics on any scale, the technical materials, tools, strategy, creativity, engineering, schedules, live stock, tips, innovations, guides, tutorials, motivation, shared experiences and more please send to,


For family life, relationships, homeschooling, cooking, routines, work life, parenting, teaching, community, charity, friendships, networks, activities, adventures and more.

Arts and Crafts

For personal art, projects, fun activities, production, design, industry information, various mediums, showcases, guidance, networking, announcements and more.

Just Crushing

We will share our general crushing here. If you have something to share that is just crushing.


For new business, general promotions, partnership announcements, advice, experience, guidance, stories, lessons, tips, seeking help and employees, industry information that may be relevant to Beartaria.

*You can also request coverage. Just share some information about your business and we may be able to highlight your business endeavors. Please put (Requesting Coverage) In the subject of the email.*


For new events, meet ups, shows, promotions, venues, announcements, pitches for events and more.


If you have something wholesome and funny to share.


For new music, originals, releases, producers, venues, tours, collaborations, instrument builders and other industry news that may be relevant to Beartaria.

How to improve your chances of getting published

To improve your chances of getting your content shared on our website, you should submit completed works that require little or no editing.

You should also have some form of social presence or work on your own community notoriety. We want to establish a wholesome media site that brings diverse people together cohesively.

When sending an email you should add “Content Submission” in the subject line.

Gaining Exposure

We want to help you crush! All submitted content chosen will be shared by the author name “Guest Writer” however at the end of your article or content we will add a short bio, your information and social channels so people can connect with you.


We will announce any future employment or freelance opportunities if we are seeking further help. By submitting content, getting connected with writers and gaining a name for yourself in our community you may gain first access to any new opportunities.

Press Releases

If you want a press release or to make an announcement about your business, accomplishments, or new projects please add “Press Release” in the subject of your email sent to whatever category best fits the content of your announcement.

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