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Anchor Bear Named ‘Acting’ Music Editor for The Beartaria Times

Anchor Bear, musical master has been named ‘Acting’ Music Editor for The Beartaria Times.

The Beartaria Times



Artwork by Anchor Bear

Hailing from Chicago, it is he, Anchor Bear! He grew up playing in bands–rock, punk, and pop. However, he was truly starting to live out a more traditional lifestyle with a loving wife and children. He weaned off of making music due to the scene’s trajectory, but the Bears supporting Owen in the wake of ‘cancel culture’ from Hollywood and Twitter was the inspiration to once more create music–this time for the Bears!

He is now creating original content about homesteading and truthfulness. With this medium and publication he aims to assist Bears with mixing, critique, and ideas of making their own music. Music is a powerful force, dear readers. It is an amplified method of communication that helps people understand a message rudimentarily due to its effectiveness of relaying a message beyond the bounds of the written word.

Anchor Bear found himself early on–as most young people do–reflecting messages and sounds of mainstream artists like a mockingbird. Now older, it’s his imperative to follow through with positivity, start to finish. Be mindful of the instruments that you choose for your message, O’brothers!

It shall be the sonic gravy, my dear readers.

Readers of this section of Beartaria Times can expect reviews of music from fellow Bears and musicians in the truth movement. He will highlight upcoming acts, new songs, and break down the psychology and messaging of certain songs to help people learn the ways music can be utilized for higher levels of communication, be it interpersonal or for large audiences. The goal is to promote music that resonates with the messages and themes that the Bears put out.

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