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Report: EF-1 Tornado Touches Down In The Ozarks

Photo Credit: Mr. Permie Bear. Taken from his farm.



On May 26th Mr. Permie Bear was getting ready to load his children up and meet Red Panda Bear at The Beartaria Ozark Campground for some fencing repairs. Red Panda was having car troubles and they had to reschedule, later to find that a tornado destroyed a barn just a few hundred yards from where they were planning to work. The EF-1 tornado that touched down in the area also damaged trees along one of the fence lines they were planning to work on that day.

Photo Credit: Mr. Permie Bear. Taken from his farm.

According to the National Weather Service, the tornado started 5 miles southwest of Bendavis in eastern Wright County and tracked east until lifting 7 miles southwest of Houston in Texas County.

The tornado traveled a distance of 13 miles with a maximum width of 400 yards and estimated peak winds of 100mph. There have been no reported deaths of the tornado but the tornado did bring extensive tree damage, snapping or unrooting trees in the area. At least five out buildings were damaged or destroyed and one home has sustained roof damage.

We are happy to report that the Ozark Campground did not sustain any damage beyond a few trees, however some locals in the area have taken some damage and an adjacent neighbor lost one of his barns.

Members of the Beartaria Times Community App have been reaching out to offer assistance to anyone that may be in need and we are happy to report that locals near the campground rallied together to help the campground neighbor clean up and prepare burn piles of debris.

Locals have said that they have not seen a tornado in the area for at least 50 years.

Some of our readers were inquiring about tornadoes during the Beartaria Times National Festival, but can be comforted to know that the timing of the festival misses the main tornado season and its uncommon to see tornadoes at that time of year. The festival team continues to prepare for emergencies and redundancies and plans to prepare more extensive Festival PSA format videos for festival related information.

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