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The Beartaria Times National Festival Tickets Are Now Up For Sale!

The Festival will be a 3-day event of camping, games, and seminars from experienced professionals in the areas of homesteading, homeschooling, and community building for a strong, healthy society.

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The Event host mentioned in this article has a business relationship with The Beartaria Times. 

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We are pleased to share that The Beartaria Times National Festival Tickets are now up for sale! 

This event has been in the works for over six months by many dedicated people hoping to host a legendary event. 

The Festival will be a 3-day event of camping, games, and seminars from experienced professionals in the areas of homesteading, homeschooling, and community building for a strong, healthy society. 

Hosted by a Missouri-based event management company on 300+ acres, the Festival is already sounding like a fantastic retreat for families or individuals looking to learn and connect with others aspiring to the homesteading lifestyle. 

We have learned that infrastructure projects have begun to cater to the growing interest, including bathrooms, showers, tent rentals, a stage, and sound equipment. 

Featured speakers and musicians have not yet been announced, but we expect to hear more of these developments next week. 

The ticket sales have launched exclusively on The Beartaria Times Community App, so our community can get first access.

There is limited availability so get your tickets as soon as possible to secure your spot! 

To get tickets, you can find out more on The Beartaria Times Community App at in the official group. 

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Steven Cornett Of Natures Always Right Added To Speaker Line Up At The National Festival

Steven Cornett is a regenerative farmer and content creator equipping men and women with the skills they need to run their own farm or homestead efficiently and naturally.



The Beartaria Times Event Management has announced that popular homesteading content creator and regenerative farmer Steven Cornett of Natures Always Right has been added the speaker line up for The Beartaria Times National Festival.

Steven Cornett is a regenerative farmer and content creator equipping men and women with the skills they need to run their own farm or homestead efficiently and naturally. He was a successful market gardener selling beyond organic produce in San Diego, California and showed the creation and running of his farm on Youtube to help others get started. 

Steven specializes in utilizing natural techniques from around the world to achieve maximum soil fertility for plant and animal health. He emphasizes that the farmer/gardener can create the inputs for his own farm or garden anywhere in the world and strives to deliver this important knowledge to his audience.

Steven now lives in Tennessee and is documenting his homesteading and new farming journey on 16 acres raising sheep, pigs, chickens, gardens, fruit trees, mushrooms, and more.

Steven will be discussing methods and principals of using God’s design to plan your homestead or farm.

If you would like to connect with Steven check out his channels.


BeartariaTimes Handle: @Browbear

Youtube: NaturesAlwaysRight

Instagram: @NaturesAlwaysRight

To catch Steven and other great speakers get tickets at: BeartariaTimes.Events

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National Festival Speakers Announced!



The Beartaria Times Event Management has announced speakers for the final day of The Beartaria Times National Festival!

We are excited to see this announcement as these speakers have so much value that can be shared. We are expecting to hear more about the festival schedule, activities and musicians next week. Stay tuned for exclusive reporting!

Speaking at the first ever Beartaria Times National Festival:

Christopher Gardner

Christopher was Broward County Scholar-Athlete of the year 1993. He was awarded an American Express internship at 17 and became a Four-year Starter at MSU from 1994-97. He later completed a Practicum for Cal-Earth University in 2008 as a certified Super Adobe Tech. Christopher created the world’s first reciprocal dormer and truss. Christopher is a serial entrepreneur with a widely diverse skillset and knowledge base. He owns five businesses and continues to develop new projects and provide more value to the world.

Mr. Permie Bear

Adam Stevens, aka Mr. Permie Bear, does about everything that strikes his fancy, many of those things simultaneously. He is a former stockbroker specializing in international securities and day trader services. After his trading days were done, he began a career in banking and eventually became a commercial lender before he retired from finance as a whole. He is a graduate of the Oregon Banker’s Association Executive Development Program. Finally, he left finance to pursue a life closer to the land and things that matter, such as raising children. He is a Certified Permaculture Designer, dairyman, vegetable farmer, construction worker, consultant, seed salesman, occasional sawyer, and aspiring jack-of-every-possible-trade-under-the-sun. He is co-founder of Ozark Legacy Contracting and co-founder of Grateful Harvest Seed Company. He and his wife also operate Piney Creek Farm in the Missouri Ozarks. He dreams of creating a place where people can learn about and interact with permaculture and regenerative farming systems of all kinds and then use what they learn to create a more resilient and fulfilling life on any scale they choose. He will be speaking about creating a rich life in a world seemingly set on bland mediocrity.

Classical Learner Bear

Brett Pike, aka Classical Learner Bear, is the founder of the Classical Learner Homeschooling Company and Homeschools Connected. He is the author of the “Cubs to Bears” children’s book series and holds a bachelor’s degree in history education and a master’s degree in special education. He will be discussing the hidden lessons of public school and how parents can educate their children to grow into free and independent adults.

Anchor Bear

Anchor Bear is a multi-instrumentalist producer who has played in touring bands selling out the House of Blues and other venues throughout the Midwest, including being placed on the Vans Warped Tour in select locations. He also has recorded with top producers to gain industry insight into mixing and mastering techniques.

Anchor Bear is now running his own recording studio, Anchor Tones, where he is the head producer. He has created many tracks for the Bear community and worked with Bears on documentary compositions and voiceovers.

Bolar Bear

Bolar Bear is a Field Manager and Leader at a Fortune 500 company. He leads the business, operations, and team of 100+ Million. He has degrees, training, awards, etc., and he doesn’t consider them accomplishments that matter. He would tell you that his true accomplishments are being a Husband, Father, provider, and man of God actively pursuing his relationship with his creator. Knowing enough to know that he is a work in progress, a Truth seeker, actively seeking real-life skills, and Bear. Putting one foot in front of the other, “just trying” to walk the narrow path.


Patrick Norton, aka WildMedBear, is the Owner and Lead Instructor of ARTOS Survival and a Former federal wildland firefighter and Urban and wilderness EMT. He is a Certified medical instructor, a graduate of the wilderness field instructor program, and a former instructor at the prestigious Thomas Coyne Survival School. He has led and conducted courses from Southern California survival skills and wilderness medical courses to knife-only, full-immersion, week-long field courses in the Alaskan boreal. He will discuss urban/wilderness survival, preparedness, and emergency medicine for the lay responder.


In his personal journey, his interest in wellbeing has been a cardinal thought, from the practice and study of yoga, bodywork, breath work, Light and sound healing work, and generally a lifelong interest in self, God, and Jesus. Also, as a musician performing music styles from Kirtan and Gospel to Rock & Roll, mainly as a drummer, while playing percussion, congas, wood flutes, keyboards, and recently, dancing around with a guitar in hand.
Music and healing have taken him halfway across this Earth Realm, and in these travels, he has sat with many teachers and students, listening to wisdom thousands of years old, handed down orally and through ancient writings. This is where the first “Pearls of Wisdom” regarding breath work crossed his path. For over 30 years, teachers and ancient writings regarding breathing crossed his path, and in his ignorance, he would say, hmmm, this sounds interesting, but the ancient writings and wisdom seem a bit esoteric, and what could these ancients know about anything we are dealing with in today’s world.
There was no “Scientific” proof, just the words of the ancient gurus and healers so, he took it all with a grain of salt yet, he did walk around teaching and inspiring people about the importance of breath work while not really understanding how or why these wisdoms work. Then almost two years ago, that changed. Scientific evidence emerged, and the results of breath work have been measured, documented, and shared. Something clicked in his understanding of the healing potential of a focused effort to breathe your body into wellness. He would love to inspire all to understand the value of breath work.

Learn more and get tickets at BeartariaTimes.Events

Stay tuned for more announcements!

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Midwest Bear Fest Recap and Reflection

Though it did not come without challenges, all expectations of this festival were met, some would even say expectations were exceeded.



Day One
Day Two
Fireworks clip
Day Three

Amidst all the toil and upheaval of normal events in 2020, a seed of inspiration and ambition was planted in the minds of Lincoln and Hope Young. Attendees of their local annual renaissance festival and disappointed in its cancellation that year they decided to host a festival of their own. With the help of some local (and not so local) bears the plans for the first annual Midwest Bear Fest were formed. Over the next few months planning, designing and scheduling took place. This three day family friendly, renaissance inspired, bear fest would be of legendary proportion that no bear had ever seen before. Though it did not come without challenges, all expectations of this festival were met, some would even say expectations were exceeded.

Serenity Valley Farm

The first day of the event was Friday, October 8 though many legends and crushers arrived the day before to set up camp in Serenity Valley Farm’s spacious fields. Tenters and RV campers alike claimed their spaces and enjoyed a long weekend of camping at this festival. HankBear was the camp host and he helped direct campers to ideal spots where they set up camp. The torrential down pour that Fridays weather brought us was unexpected. While everyone’s tents stayed dry some vehicles got stuck in the mud. Many said that the kind of rain we all witnessed hadn’t been seen in that area for countless years. The main event tent and vendor market field got completely flooded. The 5K race took place an hour late and in the pouring rain but none of this dampened the spirits of the bears. We knew we were being tested, that with all the good this festival would bring some push back from the adversary was expected. Despite the weather many legends rose to the occasion and dug trenches to drain the field, the young Cubs made a game of it and spent many hours digging the trenches deeper and longer, Farming Artist Bear and the Backwoods Bears cranked out lunch and dinner while vendors were moved to the barn and LegacyTruths Bear played his guitar and sang. Friday afternoon brought beautiful sunshine, calmer weather and a spectacular view over the corn field. The pyrotechnic delta force team got to work on the fireworks show for Saturday and a pre-baked pie contest was held. By the time nightfall came families and friends new and old returned to the camping field and enjoyed camaraderie around the various camp fires.


Saturday morning brought beautiful weather and the Men’s Homestead Games! Tug of war, push-ups, log throw, 4-way chess, chicken wrangling, fire starting and an obstacle course that each team epically crushed for this event. But there could only be one winning team the aptly named “Absolute Crushers” took the title. Farming Artist Bear and team Backwoods Bears crushed it yet again providing made to order breakfast, lunch and dinner. Amy’s music garden was a wonderful music hour for the children with games and instruments for all. Special demonstrations about knife smithing from Bladesmith Bear, trapping and tracking from Civilized Savage bear and bee keeping from Farming Artist Bear were held for those who wanted to learn new skills. A seed swap hosted by Beartaria Seed Saver’s own Copper Bear and a shield painting contest were held. Bears bought shields from Woodshop Bear, painted them and brought them to the fest to be judged. Other special events were held such as kids crafts, face painting and a costume contest for all ages! The only thing capable of topping a legendary day like this was…fireworks.

Bladesmith Bear
Men’s Homestead Games
Men’s Homestead Games
Men’s Homestead Games
Men’s Homestead Games

AJ Rhino Bear and his Delta Force pyro squad were hard at work all day missing out on the festivities while setting up for a not soon forgotten pyrotechnic musical show of epic proportions. If you thought the Forth of July Crushfest was the best fireworks display you had ever seen, Midwest Bear Fest’s show would have blown you away! Even those who doubted that Rhino and his crew could surpass past experiences couldn’t get over the legendary spectacle. Strategically choreographed to BB streams and Anchor Bear music, Rhino and the Delta Force pyro squad did not disappoint. The shouts of “Beartaria” from adult to child alike ringing through the night air, mid show, like a triumphant victory call brought tears to the eyes of even the most stoic of bears. The energy the show created was palpable and the resulting buzz was the topic of discussion for days and weeks to come.

Shield Painting Contest
Drone View thanks to BudBear

The third and final day was welcomed by some more beautiful weather, a lovely morning of prayer and a speech of gratitude for all of Hope and Lincoln’s hard work. It was a day of relaxation, packing and good byes. Though some stayed an extra day most packed up their camp and headed home. The last day is always the hardest, saying goodbye to old friends who you met for the first time is never easy. But the bond is strengthened by an event such as this. For as dismal as the start of the event seemed spirits soared and positivity flowed. The energy was carried throughout the weekend and still flows for many of us. We are all looking forward to the next Midwest Bear Fest!

Bible Study
Bear Island Group
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