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Business 101: Let’s Business

Running your own business is impossible, right? Wrong. Strap in folks, we’re about to learn the ins and outs of business.



Bears of the world! It is I, your friendly local woodworking bear!

First, let me give a sincere thank you to everyone who has helped us get to this point. Beartaria Times is going to be an incredible outlet for those looking to grow, build, and improve. The logos pouring from our group of editors is truly overwhelming, and we hope to bring all of you content throughout the week which will help inspire you to live righteous lives.

For my first contribution to this wonderful new platform, I’d like to lay out how the business section will operate. Business articles are typically boring. Not here, my friends. Nobody will be having more fun than us.

If you would have told me even 3 years ago that one day soon I would be operating a full-fledged small business out of my single car garage of my modest townhouse which I rent, I wouldn’t have believed you for a second. The idea would have been taken as nothing short of preposterous. Running a business is for rich people with ivy league educations, right? In order to effectively run your own business, you need to go to business school where you’ll learn the occulted knowledge of selling goods and services, while also racking up enough student loan debt to cripple you for decades, right?

Wrong. On so many levels.

In this section, we are going to break down why that is wrong. I’ll be providing my personal experience with starting a business from scratch, with no guidance whatsoever, so all of you who wish to do the same may do so easier. All of my mistakes, all of my successes, practical tips, business wisdom, will all be found here within these pages. Every who, what, when, where, why, and how will be covered. As business editor, it is my goal to show all those reading that owning and operating your own business, and in turn boosting your self reliance when it comes to obtaining financial freedom, is not only attainable for anyone, but it’s quite simple and endless amounts of fun. There are stresses to be had, of course, but you will find that everywhere in life. Here, we grow.

Also in this business section we will be doing business features. The concept is simple, and we’ve all heard the phrase “Support what you love or it goes away” many times. It’s time to start supporting what we love. If you’re a bear with a business, the feature articles are where we will highlight your business for all to see. To be featured on Beartaria Times, please scroll to the very bottom of the site and click on the “Contribute Works” button. You will find all information pertaining to being featured there.

And, to keep this fun train rolling, I will also be doing a weekly Q&A article with any specific business questions I receive. Please submit all questions via email to:

I will do my best to answer every question that comes in to the best of my ability. Please keep in mind, however, that my business experience may differ from yours, and the things I write here are general advice and not strict business recommendations. Every business has different variables, and will differ wildly. There are many underlying themes in business though which will lead to prosperity. That’s what I’ll be focusing on.

Strap in, get your notepads out, and let’s ride this business train together my friends! I look forward to helping you all on your journeys to creating flourishing businesses which you can be proud of, which will help feed your families, and which will hopefully help make this world a more beautiful place.

Onward, Bears!

-Woodshop Bear


The Beartaria Times Partners with Classical Learner

Beartaria Times is proud to announce we have partnered with Classical Learner Homeschool Company!



Classical Learner and The Beartaria Times have partnered to bring more community value! This partnership will allow anyone who signs up with an exclusive three-day free trial of Homeschools Connected and will be supporting The Beartaria Times!

“Classical Learner is a company born in Beartaria, education by Bears for Bear cubs. Many homeschool companies do a great job, but only one operates in synchronicity with the spirit of Beartaria. It has always been my goal to turn Cubs into Bears, and this new partnership moves all of us much closer to making that dream a reality.” 

Brett Pike – Classical Learner Bear – President of Classical Learner

When you become a member of Classical Learner’s Homeschools Connected via, you not only gain access to the curriculum, the courses and the homeschool network, but you help fund Beartaria Times. Your support of Classical Learner assists in the development of new and relevant courses and resources, that all of our children will benefit from over the next decade. Beartaria truly is a hill to grow on.

We have always supported Classical Learner and are excited to launch this partnership! We hope that our ongoing support contributes to all the amazing things Brett is doing with classical Learner!

We will keep our readers posted with new developments coming from Classical Learner and Homeschools Connected!

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Classical Learner Launches New Homeschools Connected Portal

We are pleased to report that Classical Learner has launched a new Homeschools Connected members portal.



Homeschool consultant and author Brett Pike started the company Classical Learner. Brett started this path to top-tier Homeschool services by offering consultation to homeschool parents to help sculpt and nurture Homeschool programs for families just starting their journey.

He began to post videos online that went viral, talking about the issues with the public school system as well as various subjects and methods for implementing a Homeschool education.

Brett’s philosophy focuses on critical thinking over memorization, stacking skills, and getting Children Entrepreneurial experience in the real world.

He attests to utilizing a child’s passion for stacking skills leading to entrepreneurship.

For example, at the most recent Beartaria Times festival, he talked about a child passionate about photography. Parents can nurture that skill into the experience needed to start a business and then stack additional skills such as marketing, web design, graphic design, sales, and more.

His online presence is multiplying with his unique ability to design lesson plans that bring education into the real world.

Instead of just learning math, he encourages reinforcing that math with living practice.

Want to know the area of a rectangle?
Make a garden box and reinforce those math skills, along with carpentry!

His methodology and philosophy are highly sought after as the go-to Homeschool program for parents wanting to nurture their children’s education with real-world skills and entrepreneurship.

Classical Learner launched Homeschools Connected in 2021. He brought together Homeschool families across the U.S. into a private discord where they could connect with other local families and access his courses and daily lesson plans.

His company’s growth brought strategic reinvestment in the areas his members hoped for improvement.

Elementary Lesson Plans

To better cater to a more productive user experience Classical Learner launched the Homeschools Connected portal that will allow members to navigate a clean, user-friendly design to better experience courses and well-organized lesson plans.

“The launching of the Homeschools Connected platform is a special achievement because its creation is the result of our initial members’ belief in me… and their support which made investing in the platform possible. Building Homeschools Connected on discord was a good start, but it wasn’t the right platform for the full curriculum we are building now. The new Homeschools Connected portal is organized, easy to navigate, and will allow us to expand in previously unimaginable ways. These achievements are what winning looks like; it’s about building parallel systems so that parents, children, and good people don’t have to rely on the beast system.”

Brett Pike

High School Lesson Plans

We are incredibly happy for Brett and Classical Learner!

Many of our members on The Beartaria Times App are also members of his program. We believe in his vision and love seeing his success.

We encourage all Homeschool parents to try it and join his Homeschools Connected Community. We can only see him grow and continue to offer highly valuable products and services in the future.

Sign Up Today.

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New Product Announcement From Ferrell Custom Wood Designs

We have combined our passion for music with my Dad’s passion for woodworking to bring you our exciting new product, Wooden Cell Phone Amplifiers, that require no power!



Hobbit Bear here from Ferrell Custom Wood Designs. We have combined our passion for music with my Dad’s passion for woodworking to bring you our exciting new product, Wooden Cell Phone Amplifiers, that require no power! They come in different selections of pine, cedar, and oak for various acoustic tone options. So you can amplify your favorite music or podcast, and custom fit any cell phone to boost your sound on the go, at family picnics, in your garden, or your work area. Just drop your cell phone in the holder, crank up the volume on your phone and enjoy your favorite music or podcast.

Please message me on The Beartaria Times App @Thehobbitbear to get yours today. It’s easy to ship and affordable at only $60, with shipping straight to the comfort of your home. Keep up with all my latest products and music on BTA page as well.

I want to thank you all for your support and, as always, onward to Beartaria!!!

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