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Finding Love in 2020

Big Bear helps men navigate the 2020 dating scene.



The Bird-of-paradise in Papua New Guinea has large feather plumages with no functional value other than attracting a mate. These birds have a near infinite year round supply of fruit to eat at any hour of the day, and no natural predators. Because of this, their large, useless, and calorie rich plumes signal to potential mates their genetic superiority. I wonder how long the plume rituals would last with a seasonal winter and a scarcity of fruit. How long would female potential mates choose the absurd and humiliating feather plumes over sharper talons and sharper eyes if the fruit stopped being a 24/7 all you can eat buffet. 

For a large part of the 20th and early 21st century western countries resembled the endless fruit supplies of the papua New Guinea rainforests, and the men started resembling the birds of paradise in their mating rituals. Work denim worn to protect against sharp horns and bitter cold, was replaced by obscenely priced thin designer denim that cost extra to have actual holes in them. The bedazzled patterns on the pockets let potential mates know that you have no useful skills and are willing to burn money for no reason.  Kays Jewelers sprang up in every mall so men could burn thousands of dollars on nonsense pebbles with no function or resale value. That was the point of it all. A twenty dollar martini let a date know that her potential bird-of-paradise had so much useless plumage he could afford to spend a days work wage of his grandfather’s generation on poison water with a fake cherry in it. A simple question mark embroidered on the pocket of jeans in the 1990s let everyone know that these jeans cost three times more than the exact same jeans without the question mark. This was seen as very attractive. 

Thankfully those days of conspicuous consumption came to an abrupt halt in 2020. Young people saw as their over priced bars, restaurants, and festivals that their social lives revolved around closed. As conventional job prospects shrunk and debt reached “constant panic attack” levels, women started getting that uneasy feeling that maybe “Netflix and chilling” with a stranger on their day off from their debt slave job may not be the best idea. 

The good news is, the plumage dance of the over stuffed degenerates the west has been participating in was destroying everything good about dating. Embrace the change. Many men in lower income categories with a lower (perceived) social statues now have many more attractive qualities than the terrified hedge fund managers just now realizing they don’t know where food comes from and have never talked to a sober woman before. The question mark on their jeans that had signaled others their status, now resembles a very confusing future.  If you’ve seen this coming for a while and now realize how much more valuable your skills are, it’s important to avoid the urge to read her “The Industrial Revolution and it’s Consequences” on your first date after cleaning a rabbit all while reminding her you’ve been warning people for years this was coming.

Just because the Babylonian debt economy dating machine has been halted doesn’t mean women don’t still like nice times and beautiful things. We are just entering an era where those things don’t require large gobs of unearned debt money. 

The older I get the more I realize the old ways were right and didn’t need any “modernizing.” The best method for dating is to go to your community leader and let them know you are ready to get married. The leader will consult with your parents and the parents of others looking to get married. Then the prospective couple will meet at each one’s family home where they will be able to learn about each other and more importantly each others family. Only when they both agree to get married does the wedding take place. No sex, no touching, just bonding families and functional communities.  Unfortunately most young singles these days don’t have responsible community leaders or stable family units to do it the right way. For over half a century community leaders have been Hollywood “stars” telling everyone procreation for people and barn animals should be similar. Except of course the people should first consume drugs and alcohol. 

So, what are some great dates for 2020? Remember the plumes of bedazzles pants on male designer jeans have been replaced with a desire for good moral healthy living. So how do you show off these new desirable qualities to a potential mate?

1. Home made dinners with as many ingredients from your garden as possible. Keep it simple, but blow her mind with what actual food tastes like. Women love beauty and class, and most have never experience the fairytale of a home grown meal. After the experience she will never again want low sustenance restaurant food surrounded by sodomites talking loudly about nonsense. 

2. Take her fishing, build a fire, pick berries, and cook her the fish for dinner as the sun sets. This requires high confidence in your fishing and fire skills or it could end with just berries for dinner. But if you can pull off fish you caught with her, it would be legendary. 

3. Go to a botanical garden and pick out a plant to plant together. This is just a very cool thing to do with someone and it’s much lower pressure than catching a fish. She will love it. 

4. Hiking is a great date, but remember women don’t want to be in forest alone with a man they don’t know that well. I’d save the hikes til there’s a lot more comfort between you, but it’s always a good time and nature never closes. 

5. Gold panning and Gem hunting would be a fun date assuming the weather is good. It also sets the tone for a future ring that you make yourself.

6. Forage for mushrooms. Assuming you know what you’re doing, this is a great activity to get to know each other better while you focus on something fun and tasty.

Remind her that the world is still beautiful. Show her that past. Run away from under the banner “progress”, there is a much better world than the synthetic parade of parasites the dating apps are so proud of. 

These days I keep hearing people yearn for the world to “go back to normal.” The fact is, that “normal” was turning eagles into peacocks. It was turning your future wives into just another face in the digital sea of the abandoned. We have a great opportunity to relearn what it means to love someone, and the endless wealth of family. 


Making Pine Needle Soda: A Fantastic Foraged Beverage

Pine needle soda, a truly one-of-a-kind beverage, has been savored worldwide for its zesty taste and health benefits.



Pine needle soda, a truly one-of-a-kind beverage, has been savored worldwide for its zesty taste and health benefits. It’s not just a refreshing drink, but also a creative use of natural ingredients. Here’s a simple guide to crafting this unique soda at home.

Pine needles are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, which help boost the immune system. Different species of needles can offer different flavors, but it’s important to make sure the trees you harvest from are not toxic. Avoid using needles from yew, Norfolk Island pine, or Ponderosa pine. You should do additional research to insure you are staying safe.

The recipe I followed is easy and only requires a jar, strainer, and measuring cups. Start by identifying the pine tree you would like to harvest from; I used fir, tamarack, and white pine. Again, make sure you don’t use anything unsafe. You can choose to use new sprouted tips or even mature needles, which means you can also have fresh pine soda in the winter months!
You can scale up the recipe, but for reference, use the following:

  • 2 Cups Pine needles
  • 2 Cups Water
  • 2-4 Tablespoons sugar (depending on sweetness you desire)

For the above measurements, I recommend using a quart jar. Begin by rinsing the needles, not too thoroughly, because the carbonation comes from natural yeast living on the pine needles. Add the sugar and water and seal the jar. Leave to ferment so it can become bubbly soda! Make sure to “burp” the jar every couple of days to release some of the gas so it does not build up and explode the jar! In 5-7 days, you will have soda, God willing.

Serve over ice and with some citrus if you’d like. Enjoy!

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Reconnect and Rejoice: Beartaria Times Weekly Challenge

Maintaining solid relationships with family and friends offers numerous benefits that enrich our lives in meaningful ways…



In our fast-paced world, losing touch with friends and family members who once played significant roles in our lives is easy. This week, the Beartaria Times invites you to participate in our heartwarming challenge: Reconnect with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Give them a call, ask how they’ve been, and rekindle that bond.

Maintaining solid relationships with family and friends offers numerous benefits that enrich our lives in meaningful ways:

1. Emotional Support: Close relationships provide a robust support system during tough times, offering comfort, advice, and a sense of belonging.

2. Improved Mental Health: Regular interactions with loved ones reduces feelings of loneliness and depression, contributing to mental well-being.

3. Increased Longevity: Studies have shown that strong social connections tend to help people live longer and enjoy better health.

4. Enhanced Happiness: Sharing moments, memories, and experiences with others brings joy and fulfillment, fostering a more positive outlook on life.

5. Personal Growth: Friends and family often challenge us to grow, learn, and become better versions of ourselves.

6. Creating Memories: Every interaction creates new memories, adding richness to our personal histories and offering stories to cherish for years to come.

We encourage you to take this challenge to heart and reach out to someone you miss. Whether it’s a friend from high school, a distant relative, or a former colleague, a simple phone call can reignite connections and brighten your day and theirs.

Once you’ve reconnected, share your stories and experiences on the Beartaria Times community app. Post about who you called, the memories you shared, and how the conversation went. Did you learn something new? Did you laugh about old times? These stories can inspire others to take similar steps in their lives.

Join us in this week’s challenge and celebrate the beauty of human connection. Let’s make an effort to nurture our relationships and remind those we care about that they are valued and remembered.

Happy connecting, Beartarians! We look forward to hearing your heartwarming stories.


– The Beartaria Times Team

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Into the Wilderness: Part 1 Knives and Knife Skills 

Knives will perform numerous tasks, better or worse, based on their grind, edge geometry, and thickness. That said, I have found that a full flat grind is ideal for food prep and butchering, though a high saber grind works well too. 



By Gabriel- The Last Huntsman

As with many of us in the Beartaria community, we have found the mundane existence of modern Babylon completely unappealing, ungodly, and unfulfilling. As a result, many of us seek to make our way, either by downsizing our footprint in the modern digital world, homesteading our sustenance, or becoming producers. For some of us, however, that also means getting out into the wilderness; far away from civilization, we test ourselves and our bodies to become more like our ancestors of old,  becoming non-domesticated humans. 

In this article series, I will detail at least one part of the wilderness- a popular term coined as bushcraft. Bushcraft seemingly has taken many different names and forms.

For me, it’s practicing basic wood skills such as shelter craft, fire craft, knife skills, axe skills, and other tools, and can even have some hunting or tactical applications.

Though you can write a whole book on bushcraft, as many already have, we’re just going to get into some knife basics for this article. 

Choosing Your Knife

Knives are mankind’s first tool; they are essential for basic tasks, whether processing your food, wood processing, cutting cordage, etc. In addition, knives can be used in a myriad of practical tasks and defensive means. While having a flimsy folding knife can be ok for opening boxes or backyard/vehicle camping, bushcrafting skills require having a solid and reliable fixed-blade knife, ideally full tang, for practical tasks.

You will have to determine if a smaller knife or a larger knife would better suit your purposes. A saying often goes, however, that you can do small tasks with a big knife if you have to, but you can’t do big tasks with a small knife, but having a smaller blade is less weight and easier to conceal. That’s just food for thought. Another consideration is steel choice; I will simplify carbon steel or stainless steel. Knife Nerds is an excellent resource to dabble into all things knife steel. Carbon steel, while generally tougher than stainless steel, can be prone to rust. So if you’re in a coastal environment, it can be hard to maintain. Stainless steel is more rust-resistant and can have better edge-holding capabilities. However, it can be more prone to snapping or chipping during extreme use.

Knife Skills

Using your knife to split wood is known as batoning. This is done by utilizing your knife as a wedge while you use another log (baton) as a mallet to beat the spine of your knife blade through the log. This can be a rather rigorous task on your knife. However, it is sometimes needed to make wood burnable when conditions are wet or when it’s hard to stabilize a log and safely use an axe. In many cases, the wood logs could be wet; however, the wood on the inside will be dryer and more suitable for fire craft. Splitting wood is necessary for ease of burning to cook, keep warm, and many other things.

Making feather sticks with a knife is another handy bushcrafting knife skill. It is done by finely slicing small curls of wood into a bundle. This bundle is perfect for fire tinder. While most small sticks, twigs, and other tinder may be too big or have too much moisture to catch a spark well, the feather sticks can be from a freshly split log that you just have batoned, which should be dryer. Making feather sticks takes time to master, learning what knives work best and what wood works best. The finer and thinner your wood curls are, the better; they will catch a spark or flame easier to start your fire.

Chopping is another handy knife skill to practice. I’m sure many will ask why you would use a knife to chop when you can use an axe. Well, for one, it’s more likely to have a knife on your person than an axe. If you’re hunting, scouting, or hiking, having a solid knife is lighter than packing a knife and an axe. Finally, it can be safer, as having an axe in full swing can be more likely to miss or over-swing. Having a medium to larger knife size will obviously help with the performance of this task. Good ergonomics will help the knife maintain in hand and absorb shock during chopping tasks. 

Striking a ferro rod (ferrocerium rod) is a skill that can help you get a fire going in your wilderness adventures. Firstly a ferro rod is a metal rod that will produce sparks when struck with a flat edge and can last thousands of strikes. So why use it over a lighter? Lighters can be finicky at best; they can get too cold, wet, or drain themselves of fluid. That is a big no-no, mainly when you’re depending on it.

So simply put, Ferro rods are just a survivalist/bushcrafter’s go-to fire-starting tool. Ideally, your knife will have a 90-degree spine on the back edge of the blade. This sharp, flat edge can strike and scrape the ferro rod. However, not all knives have a sharp spine, so having a small scraper or a spare knife may be necessary. In a worst-case scenario, you can use the edge of your knife; however, this is not recommended as it will damage your edge. When using the Ferro rod with your blade, you want to ensure your rod is as close to your tinder bundle (feather sticks) as possible. This will maximize the amount of sparks and heat transferred into those fine wood curls to get a fire going. 

Notches are another bushcrafting knife skill that is good to learn. It is essentially cutting a notch in various shapes to allow cordage to be held in place for constructing many things in the wilderness. Notches can be used to build tent stakes, fire spits, shelters, and even wild game traps. Notches can be carved directly using the knife or with a knife and baton. Though there are several notches, the few fundamental ones are the square notch, v notch, and stake notch. They may seem self-explanatory; however, carving these can take a measure of skill with your knife.  Square notches can be done by simply partially cross-batoning your knife into the wood, then doing so again, a short distance from the first, and twisting your knife- this will pop the excess wood. Stake Notches are achieved by partially cross-batoning and carving the extra wood with your knife toward your baton mark. V notches are done by cutting a ‘V-shaped groove into the wood.  

Then, one of the oldest knife skills is probably out there, processing animals or vegetation for food. People have been using knives to kill and butcher their livestock and wild game or cut up their humble veggies since humanity’s beginning. As we return to our roots, having these knife skills can make things much more manageable and save you money. 

Knives will perform numerous tasks, better or worse, based on their grind, edge geometry, and thickness. That said, I have found that a full flat grind (shown on the knives pictured above) is ideal for food prep and butchering, though a high saber grind works well too. 

 As I’ve stated, knives are one of mankind’s primary tools. We will always have a place to use a blade, especially as we separate ourselves from this fruitless modern world. These are just a few simple knife skills necessary for bushcrafting and wilderness adventures. The easy way to practice and master knife skills is to get out there and try to have fun. As you enjoy yourself, you’ll find ways to make things happen. Always check out my content on my Youtube channel, Beartaria Times app, and Instagram at The Last Huntsman. Feel free to follow up and message me with any questions. Finally, be prepared both physically and spiritually. God bless and carry on. 

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